General Questions

1Is this safe?
Of course! We are a trustworthy company, everyone who buys a package will get their material. In addition, we have support and attention, we do not have robots answering every mail.
2Is the material free of duty?
All the material we use is created by designers, communicologists and marketers. What's more, each package purchased has the option to choose themes, different information, promotions... whatever you want!
3will I have confidentiality?
Every order that comes to us is special, each brand is unique, so each production will be designed only for you
4Why do I have to pay first?
With your payment, we make sure that all people involved have their payment and with this, they will work with all their commitment, with the confidence that their work and creativity, will be remunerated
5How will I have support?
Can be through email or our chat support. In case of something particular, we will contact you via telephone.
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